Inspirational Poems

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  • Invisible Shadows: (2) 3

    by Scott Cole

    Our shadow and Jesus are just alike, though the...

  • Sugar in the Sand 1

    by Angie

    Walking along the sandy shore
    salt water lapping at bare feet...

  • My Christmas Wish: (3) 2

    by Scott Cole

    May this holiday season
    Be full of pure bliss...

  • Stress Escape

    by Broken Nightingale

    When everything goes wrong
    and nothing seems ever right...

  • Moon Catcher 1

    by Angie

    Yes, I remember the past
    as it has molded me...

  • Fairy Tale (1) 3

    by Ocean Chant

    There is magic
    Lingering to this world...

  • You swore on your honor in front of the flag
    That oath before God there is no taking it back...

  • It’s a Grand Day Sir (1) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    It’s a Grand Day Sir
    (Shackleton’s rescue of his crew from the...

  • Night Writer (8) 7

    by Angie

    I write by the light of the moon
    where I find the most comfort...

  • Firefly 1

    by Maple Tree

    Firefly within the night
    becomes a guide for lashes...

  • Lets (4) 3

    by Angie

    Lets dance barefoot in the rain
    splashing in the puddles as we go...

  • Peppermint Kisses (2) 1

    by Angie

    I’m the kind of girl that sleeps
    with crystals under her pillow...