Life is Hard

by Nia Warfeld

I know life is hard with it's up and downs,

With happy smiles and tearful frowns,

Life is hard when the end is near,

When courage falls and faces fear,

Life is hard when you try and try,

your still grounded and can not fly,

Life is Hard and sometimes you feel,

like hope wont end it isn't real

But even though lifes hard someday we'll see,

Good times will come for both you and me.


Submission date : 2008-11-20
Last edit : 2008-11-20

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Latest comments

Marie ( C D ) at 2008-11-21

Very true =] Love thish Poem =]

Cara ( F P C ) at 2008-11-24

Aww this is very uplifting. i love it. just the kinda poem i needed to read, thankyou.
i loved the rhyming in it. very basic, but very good.