Poems About Meaning of Life

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  • Genius

    by Allan Marisamhuka jr

    the ghost in my eyes,
    takes the shape of the sight...

  • Life In Dreams (1)

    by Hitman Hopsam

    I heard a suscess about my future life in a...

  • Trees

    by Weeping Willow

    I’d like to be a tree
    A tree knows exactly what to do...

  • slam poetry for school

    by ted_thepoet

    Simulation Earth
    Life is a simulation...

  • Sonnet 06: Virtuous Whispers

    by Christen Kuikoua

    In life's vast stage, where heroes may disguise,
    Not all in robes of grandeur, they arise...

  • Lean on Me

    by Paul H

    You can lean on me any time of day
    I'm there for you, I won't run away...

  • Drifter - Senryu (1) 1

    by Walter

    The sand in my shoes
    Are now just a reminder...

  • Oktoberfest (2) 1

    by arquious

    for many a thought have now gone astray
    once boisterous clacking keys now grey...

  • Sonnet 05: Lyrics Of Life (2) 1

    by Christen Kuikoua

    Oh, friend once close, in passion's fiery dance,
    Now vanished, like a fleeting specter's chance...

  • Impermanence (1) 2

    by Kakera

    Drifting with black sails
    through the freezing air...

  • Rains of My Youth (2) 1

    by Eros

    Just like they told me
    Now I wish I was back to my thirteen...

  • Seldomly I recall my sleeping dreams
    Although perhaps because I've been dreaming awake...