Poems About Meaning of Life

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  • Purple Dragons

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    My glow has dimmed
    And now lies reclusive...

  • Luna Seer 3 WIN

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    Luna Seer
    Caressing the ripples...

  • Perversa Memorias

    by Vera Campbell

    A questioning feeling.
    The sense of the ocean around me...

  • Granules

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    How big
    And small...

  • The Gap (2) 2

    by ddavidd

    I stood up against unjust
    -not how a sitting man does...

  • of the Fittest 2

    by BOB GALLO

    The hero said to himself:
    if I lie, if I stay silent, if I become one of...

  • A Dream Of Dreams

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    after only 3 1/2 hours sleep, i woke up to this...
    Life Is But A Dream...

  • Wake Up! 1

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    This strange existence
    In this strange new world...

  • Net 1

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    In a far of place
    As yet mostly unexplored...

  • Burning of Memories 1

    by Glenn G

    Sadness has eaten away my good memories
    The way a fire consumes the belongings of the...

  • Outburst

    by Faithless Watermelon

    Idols peering sideways, forthrightly downcoming,
    flickering moths of melting butter flying madly...

  • Not Mermaids 2

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    I was awoken...