Done trying to be perfect

by XxBeautiful NightmareXx

Chancing myself just to make you happy
chancing myself just to see you smile
chancing myself just to hear you say you love me
chancing myself to feel perfect for you

so much chancing and what do I get for doing this?
I do everything to make you happy
when Im miserable inside
I just wish you still loved me for just being me

but in seem in your book im nothing
all they see is a person that hides her pain well
I never let my emotion show so they wont me getting week inside
I wish you could see the person I have became
not the person you want me too be

Im not perfect
Im not beautiful
Im not the most interesting person in the world
Im sorry that Im not perfect
Im sorry Im done trying to be someone that Im not
all I have to say is Im done and Im sorry but I guess there is nothing else to say


Submission date : 2009-10-20

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Latest comments

Tammi ( F P C D ) at 2009-10-20

Wow so powerfull this is and I know just how this feels I always say love me for me or not at all 5/5