Other poems about life

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  • Vulnerable (3) 5

    by Emi

    Vulnerability has left me
    Unnerved and palpably...

  • The Cry of the Wild (syntuit) (3) 3

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Her dog's an angel
    with a pit bull gene mixed in...

  • Escape (1) 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    I can't stay the favourite girl in solitary...
    becoming the piece of creation you had beyond a...

  • Guitar (6) 3

    by Fray Bluestorm

    I hold the instrument delicately,
    Horizontal in my two hands...

  • Meditation ( tanka ) (10) 8 HM

    by Keira Pickard

    Shutting my eyes takes
    the heaviness of the world...

  • Deception 1

    by Oceanloveisland

    Go Off Line
    (Want me, but only in secret!) he thought...

  • Give me the boring 3 HM

    by chandelier

    Give me the boring
    and I'll thrive on it...

  • Forgive me my Lord I have been lost
    Every border and boundary I crossed...

  • In the village of Heydon,
    a civil parish of Norfolk, England...

  • Unseen Reality (2) 3

    by Ocean Chant

    The pitiful blossoming,
    Unquenchably craved...

  • Backfire

    by Baby Rainbow

    You convinced yourself that I would belong to you
    always and forever...

  • That orange flashing light
    May not be blue or red...