Other poems about life

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  • Dear Covid 19

    by Oga Dragon

    Dear Covid 19
    You walked into our lives in between...

  • One

    by Penned Parodist

    There is only one
    One time to set a path...

  • Chasing the craving

    by Rowena Smith

    My mind yearning
    Chasing the craving...

  • 2020

    by Mrs. Adams

    Dear 2020
    We've had enough...

  • Phantom Pains (2) 2

    by cassie hughes

    The ache never leaves,
    a constant reminder...

  • In Time (3) 2

    by Angie

    The darkness is overwhelming
    folding me within...

  • Midnight Tea Party (1) 5 HM

    by Maple Tree

    Simple bone sculptures
    smother a silhouette...

  • vicious circle (senryu) (7) 6

    by Ben Pickard

    the ring he wore was
    the only monogamy...

  • How I wish life was simple (1) 1

    by Rowena Smith

    How I wish life was simple
    With no loss...

  • Lies (1) 1

    by Emi

    Living is nearly
    Impossible when...

  • Dissociative

    by Rey Severs

    Who am I today?
    For that I would not know...

  • Every Now & Then

    by Lainie Reay

    I wish that I worked properly with knees that...
    I know I had a hand in that, though not exactly...