Other poems about life

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  • How much we are served
    Should not be proportionate...

  • Dear Diary (1) 2

    by Walter

    Life is more than reminders
    With which we made a note...

  • If the world was ending,
    What would I do...

  • Fly

    by Jack Nightengale

    From the road to the sky,
    I find myself at peace when I fly...

  • Memories like Glass 1

    by Jack Nightengale

    Like water showing a reflection,
    My mind is lost with no direction...

  • With perfect vision
    One can still miss the target...

  • Tempest Times 1

    by Walter

    I was clearing up my garden
    As last night there was a storm...

  • To Wear A Crown 1

    by cassie hughes

    Oceans of pennants ripple wildly down the Mall,
    grasped in hands so eager to affirm their truth...

  • Ephialtes Frustrated 1

    by cassie hughes

    Faceless spectres stand in silent accusation
    as cloying darkness compresses light into void...

  • I Matter Too

    by Mrs. Adams

    Why am I at risk
    Is a question I ask everyday...

  • Autism

    by Mrs. Adams

    Autism, oh what a mystery
    Living life in a different reality...

  • Trying to lose weight
    When your conscience is often...