Other poems about life

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  • Rusty Eyes

    by Robert Long

    Rusty eyes sing lullabys
    Of untold horrors...

  • Pellucid (2) 1

    by Guilty By Design

    Here I am,
    Present and gone...

  • Know your place, you can’t help everyone.
    Love is not enough, first take care of #1...

  • Smoking Cessation 1

    by Teria Westerviller

    Smoking Cessation
    The voices roar within my ears...

  • The Pen's Release (1) 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    I know I keep putting this ink of mine away,
    but each new disaster keeps me coming back for...

  • Cops and Robbers 3

    by Baby Rainbow

    You cannot keep buying their love,
    you are already too deep in debt...

  • Roses Of Survival 2

    by Baby Rainbow

    I still remember that girl on the run,
    who simply strayed between trust and fear...

  • The city was calling 2 WIN

    by Teria Westerviller

    Seldom do you hear
    the wolves howling at night...

  • Circles (2) 3

    by Rayven

    Weary paints raven
    feathers around sleepless eyes...

  • Peace (Haiku) (1) 1

    by Thomas Roy Watkins

    Peace can be achieved
    Only when BOTH combatants...

  • Thumbs are tap tap tapping
    As I have a one track mind...

  • Forgotten Foundation (2) 1

    by cassie hughes

    Tucked beyond the back,
    Unacknowledged and forgot...