Other poems about life

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  • Con Air (1) 1

    by cantchangeme

    Fade and shade are new constants
    Constant change that connects continents...

  • Rust (3) 3

    by Matt Carroll

    A mistake repeated is really a conscious decision
    Willingness to neglect those who beg you to listen...

  • Always 1

    by Matt Carroll

    Always the shoulder to cry on, the ears that...
    The wide eyes that see all of your impulsive...

  • Invisible

    by CJ Maleney

    I have everything a man could want!
    The job, the home, motorcycle and car...

  • That's How It Is

    by Vince Gullaci

    An involuntary enter
    an involuntary exit...

  • Living in the Land of whatever
    Don't you just laugh when you tell a person you...

  • Sad (4) 6 HM

    by Daniel

    I wrap myself
    in cotton compliments...

  • Breaking Through 2

    by Vince Gullaci

    I've only words
    for wings...

  • Every thing starts out fine and amazing today,
    I go to school...

  • Nearly everything ends up
    in a flea market...

  • Move (1) 1

    by Catchy

    I look closely down the road
    I wonder about how it will go...

  • We Are Humans Too (2) 1

    by Oyama Pearl Bhesi

    What I now fear the most is being called a Female,
    Being called a female its like, its another curse...