Hopes, Dreams and Aspirations

by C h r i s s i e___X

Hopes, Dreams And Aspirations

I was told to keep on hoping,
Don’t stop the dreams,
Think about my aspirations,
Keep my life clean.

I’ve hoped for many things,
Good and the Bad,
I hoped that my baby could come back,
I hoped for things that are sad.
I hope for a perfect life,
The best education,
I’m going to keep on hoping,
Hoping for the best.

I dream, through the days and nights,
My thoughts go to the clouds,
Dreaming of swooping through the air,
And making all life fair,
I dream of the impossible,
My fairy tale dreams,
Every aspect, not what it seems,
But I guess that’s what dreams are for.

My aspirations,
The things that I want,
The things I wish to achieve,
I want to pass collage, University too,
I aspire to get a well paid job,
To achieve everything I need,
And to live my life - in harmony,

So now, I carry on hoping,
I still dream those dreams,
I think about my aspirations,
And I’ve kept my life clean.


Submission date : 2005-02-28

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