Wanting what you cant have

by Kim kilner

Have you ever had that feeling
the feeling of hatred
but not to anyone but yourself
hating yourself for wanting someone or something you cant have?
i live with this everyday
since i met joe ive loved him
and i cant live with the knowledge that he doesnt love me back
why did she have to tell me the truth?
because he couldnt tell me himself? or was he just bottless?
i hate myself for loving him but i cant help the way i feel if only he had told me himself
told me he was gay.

i really need your comments on my poetry. i need to know if im any good. i doesnt take long so please comment xxxx


Submission date : 2003-09-19

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Latest comments

amanda at 2004-02-03

that was amazing I love it. Thanks for your opionion on my poem "Loves Definitions. It means a lot. Thanx. Amandaxx

Kevin McNulty ( F C D ) at 2004-02-06

I think this is really good too. The way you speak about your feelings towards the love of your life who's just dropped this bombshell on you. Difficult to write about again but you've done a nice job again, K

kim kilner at 2004-02-09

Thanks again everyone and u again Kevin. OH AND KRISTIN if your reading this GET A GRIP! take it as constructive critisism, Afterall ive just been published so my poems cant be that bad can they!!!