My Perfect Man

by Carlee Ann

I searched so long
For the perfect guy
But as it turned out,
Each seemed to be a lie

What I didn't realize
What I didn't see
Is that the perfect man
Was right in front of me

He had always been there
I went to him in need
I cried for him so often
And hurt him in my greed

When I fell down
He carried me through
When I was wrong he corrected me
With everything he knew

He is loving and forever caring
The guiding light for me
And if he is ever mad
He has a right to be

My heart may get broken
But I know he'll never leave
The capacity of his heart
Is too big to perceive

Without him I'd be lost
Oh, my faith in him is mighty
I listen close to what he says
I can't take him lightly

He never judges, always forgives
I am one of his many fans
And if any one ever asks me
Jesus Christ is my man.

*the only true perfect guy!*


Submission date : 2005-08-04

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Rating : 4.3

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Latest comments

Natasha at 2005-08-07

This poem is VERY good. I definetly recommend this for anyone to read. Keep up the good work.

~*Angel Of Mercy*~ at 2005-08-08

Great write m'darling meatball hoagie! I love yha! *hug* Be strong!


Tear*Stained*Face at 2005-08-10

Your an awesome writer. I wish I could write as good as you. Yes Jesus Christ is perfect, if only I could stay on track with him!

courtie ( F P C D ) at 2005-08-11

wow great poem!! i love it, totally awesome message too
blessings courtie

La Bailadora16 ( D ) at 2006-03-15

To this poem I say.......HECK YEAH! your poem is awesome!

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