Poems About Faith and Religion

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  • Heaven, Not Hell

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Where will I spend eternity?
    I pray it is not Hell...

  • The Cross

    by Niren Joseph

    Thou bore the nail-prints on Thy Hands O Lord for...
    On that Cross at Calvary...

  • May I be found in Christ to be His slave
    And never a slave to sin...

  • Knee Down Unto Thee

    by Saw Lalbwel Htoo

    Knee Down Unto Thee
    1. When a sheep follows...

  • ..if i were you (1) 1

    by Michael

    Such pain and loss, in all such war
    I see no god, upon our shore...

  • chazak and amats 1

    by tobias kinti

    we didn't
    know it...

  • Soul Angel

    by Mpho Ramoshaba

    Out of the things that I have been through
    I should understand and care for less...

  • Broken Wing

    by Glenn G

    I don't want money
    I don't need a lot of stuff...

  • My lord, forgive me (2) 1

    by Everlasting

    My lord,
    Forgive me if Sometimes...

  • My Lord, my Candle

    by Everlasting

    My lord,
    You are a candle on the table of my life...

  • Me, Myself and God.

    by Ibrahim Haidar

    It’s known that to feel is to know
    But, what about when they say no...

  • Who Are You? (Atheist Prayer)

    by Faithless Watermelon

    You are a key. Life is a series of doorways down...
    If god is what is powerful and righteous, it is...