Cystic fibrosis

by Leanne woodward

I have cystic fibrosis
Cf for short
I get picked on because i am ill
I take 60 tablets a day
I do physio therapy
and am ill a lot
when I am off ill
I get accused of skiffing
it up sets me a lot that people can be so mean my life is short enough and I dont need them being jerks
I know that I am ill and take a lot of pills but hope that one day people will realize that I have a life threatening illness and I AM NOT A FREAK!!!!!

*To find out something about cystic fibrosis go to: *


Submission date : 2005-08-23
Last edit : 2006-03-14

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Latest comments

Marky Jones ( F ) at 2006-03-14

Thats a sad poem. Whats cystic fibrosis?


JEZZIQUA at 2006-12-03

That is so sad i have got three cousins that have CF and it is absolutely horrible that people could be like that.. I sympathies with what you have to go through because i see how it has effected there lifes and there families.. xoxo

kitty at 2007-11-22

I know what youre feeling because i got cf 2.. it sucks.. xxx