My last day at my school.... I'll miss you all so much :(

by Amirah

Goodbye too all my friends,
Your people I'll never forget,
Even the first day we met.

I'm sorry I'm moving,
I never meant too,
I'm just a kid, what could I do?

I'll miss you all,
A lot every day,
And heres something I must say.

You guys have always been there for me,
And although I am moving away,
At least we'll meet again someday.
I may be far away,
But it won't be much different
we'll still keep in touch,
Since I know I'll miss you all so much.
I miss you all already,
I don't want my last day to come,
But I know It's today,
But I'll be OK because we'll see each other again some day.


Submission date : 2006-03-28

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B.z ( P C ) at 2006-04-01

R u really leaving skool email me k?