by Nate


There were the parents all intent and listening to the coach give his
pep talk,
There were the kids watching butterflies, burying their gloves and
one took a walk,

The parents were energetic, alive and full of hope,
The kids were running around getting tired and one said,
I want a coke!

They practiced 3 days a week for 3 hours at a time,
The parents brought the kids dragging and screaming
this was not a good sign,

Then the season began and all the players were
in their spots,
Well except one little boy who was in the portable
sitting on the stinky pot,

DINK goes the first hit off of the tee,
And 10 players go chasing the ball screaming

The kids fought over the ball and the parents
did scream,
One DAD stood up and yelled were gonna
get creamed,

They lost the game and parents did moan,
The kids were all laughing and said,
Lets go get our snow cones!


Submission date : 2006-05-13

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