Poems About Society

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  • Hush

    by Maher

    Hush now, Love,
    the line is crossed, no more can we go back...

  • Circus Animals

    by Renegade Angel

    Circus Animals
    Gathered around the gravel ring...

  • Retorta Cordis 1

    by Vera Campbell

    Forgiven, forgotten,
    A twisted Mary Poppins...

  • The npc 1

    by mistake

    Hello, my name is Jim.
    Nice to meet you...

  • Please me & Appease me 2

    by Wayne Gates

    This is about abusive relationships and the...
    Stroke my soft fur...

  • Not my type! 4 WIN

    by Michael

    I'm not sure
    what kind of man...

  • War!

  • Wipe Out

    by LuCastle77

    Weak is bad, strong is good
    Be it false, be it true...

  • In Bond-age 1

    by LuCastle77

    A drop from gushing finger,
    the one you pull the trigger...

  • Fit My Skin

    by LuCastle77

    All the emotions inside
    not leave them overflow...

  • Twins

    by LuCastle77

    Not for the selfies, not for the fame
    Not for the money even if you aren’t ashamed...

  • Beers & Bangers

    by LuCastle77

    a few cats and some tramps
    no one is wandering around...