Poems About Society

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  • Mad Woman (syntuit) (3) 2

    by Larry Chamberlin

    Isn’t it foolish
    to keep crossing these bridges...

  • Make believe (2) 1

    by Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube

    Born free
    I was raised to believe...

  • Polarity 1

    by Hazel (Dancing Rivers) Phillips-Dube

    Polarity at play
    We open a window...

  • Our Human Ways (1) 4

    by Mark

    When I foresee the doom pollution brings:
    I rush to fresher air, but sighing more...

  • Awaken (3) 1

    by A.M.Jacobsen

    The world is spinning out of control.
    What is truth? Nobody knows...

  • Gossip (16) 10 WIN

    by Michael

    In her absence-
    mouths gather round the...

  • I Scream 2

    by Ocean Chant

    I wake up to the screams of this world...

  • Insider (2) 1

    by (Linda) Leavers

    The plague of the USA.
    At the Giant Eagle checkout...

  • That call (senyru) (2) 3

    by Michael

    No news is good news
    apart from the car garage...

  • The Cracked Light (2) 3 WIN

    by Anne Moore

    I go to church with a boy so I may learn about god...
    I go to church with a boy so I may learn about...

  • Am I Toxic? (6) 3

    by Maher

    A train ride home from the city calls on many...
    Sydney is a big place and too busy for dreams...

  • You can not put us in a box.
    We don't belong in your pigeon slots...