Poems About Society

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  • Symphony (1) 1

    by Tanya Southey

    The squawking parrots open
    the first bars of morning...

  • Prisoners of Cell (1) 2 WIN

    by RustySoul

    Heads keep bending down
    Fingers move at a rapid pace...

  • fish out of water

    by patrick

    sitting at the table of life
    the truth of my blood; my heritage...

  • just a thought!

    by patrick

    do you know what makes poverty the worst?
    it’s the educated mind...

  • Heard of the Herd 1

    by Blake

    King of Earth
    To selfish sheep...

  • “He always walked with sinners”
    They lie...

  • Upside Down (3) 2 WIN

    by N3MO

    ~Upside Down~
    Before my eyes shut I stop and pray...

  • History (2) 3

    by Dagmar Wilson

    Life is a masterpiece of repeating history
    power, money and greed...

  • If Only They Knew (2) 1

    by Olabooye Bukola Elizabeth

    If only they knew
    She was the pride of her parents...

  • exposed (1) 4

    by patrick

    bees and pollen
    rabbits and head lights...

  • The ability to tolerate is lost on me!
    It is something I do not know...

  • Serpent watching,
    Serpent near...