It was your last chance and you blew it!

by Broken reflection

You have ruined your last chance,
As she is now caught in a trance,
The knife reaches the hair on her arms,
Intent on causing herself harm;

If you only knew,
That this is because of you...

I told her you would break her heart again,
You have a lot to explain...
Explain why you do not wish to see her,
Why you let all this occur,
Why you treat love as just a word,
Your scope on love is just absurd!

She cries once more,
Feeling as if her heart has just tore;
That knife looks friendlier than ever,
Her skin on her arm she wants to sever.

But she won't do it,
Thank god for that,
But her wishes of death just won't sit,
I will not leave it alone and I shall never give you another chance...
With my friends first years of romance!

This is for silly friend bananalana, who let her self get almost caught up in the same relationship as before (see poem a failed love, a first love)... Tanana, get over him take our advice and don't dig a hole for yourself ok! And YOU Mr I need time AWAY you are extremely stupid AND there are NO MORE CHANCES for you!


Submission date : 2006-08-16
Last edit : 2006-08-17

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-x-cyanide kisses-x- ( F P C ) at 2006-08-18

WOO you tell him sam! totally agree!