Between winning and losing

by Ivan070

The glory of winning;
The agony of defeat;
Great expectations;
and big disappointments;
The results says it all;
Our pride dictates it all;

Open our eyes to see what lies;
In between winning and losing;
There are arrogance and humility;
There are education and values;
There is human hope and despair;
There are pride and passion;

Standing tall, feeling proud;
Dejected faces, feeling small;
The results says it all;
Victory brings celebrations;
Prompting our emotions;
Dictating the way we feel;
But losing isn't the end;
Losing is not always bitter;
Giving up hope is, being a LOSER is;
Dont let it shatter your confidence;
We learn from defeats;
Have no fear of defeats;

Stand up again strong;
Get the is victory from losing;
Learn the wisdom and progress;
Keep on trying, sucesss will come.
Have faith and persistency,
And may you be blessed.


Submission date : 2006-11-25
Last edit : 2006-11-25

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