Like Riding a Bike

by *~CaSsYa~*

Life is like riding a bike.
First you need the extra wheels to support you.
You learn how to ride on your own.
It might feel good at first
Until you go too fast
And fall right in the face.
That is when you will realize
How those extra wheels have been so important to you
And how they have supported you through.
You will ride many streets and trails.
Some are straight and and smooth.
Some are bumpy and narrow.
Some will have obstacles.
But when you reach up to the top of the mounatin,
You see the view- such a wonderful view.
Of what your life has been.
Through hard challenges and trials of your life,
You will only know the true meaning
When you cast your eyes upon the view of your life,
And see how far you have ridden.


Submission date : 2006-12-12

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~*Weeping Wolf*~ ( F P C ) at 2006-12-16

Wow, great metaphor sakura! i like it alot...really proves seomthing, you can't somethin from nothin.