Train ride of life

by Len

Sitting on the train I see children playing
Each fragment became such a blur
I turn to look to catch a glimpse
But the ride of life continues to run
This ride it stops for no one
For when it does, we are not allowed back
I always sat to look out the window
To see how fast life can past me by
I need to look forward to find direction
Cause the ride does not stop even without direction
The ride did not pause for me
It did not wait to see if I was ready
It closed its doors and went speeding on
And in here I am sitting, hoping planning
The ride will end where I would like it to
But hoping is not good enough
And planning does not work
So onto the cabin I must take control
Cause if this train ride will not stop
I must steer it in the right direction


Submission date : 2006-12-12

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