Hard Life

by Caprisha

Sometimes I think I\'m going to lose my mind
All the trials and thing I go through
Boy are they tearing me down
emotions build up
attitudes explode
I don\'t know who or where to go
people using me and getting the best
Boy, I don\'t know what to do
This world today expect so much from you
you try to fit in, but it\'s just not enough
this making me struggle through life
making it hard for me to make it
yes, I go through these things
I know you can\'t believe it
cause when you see me
I\'m as sweet as can be
But, it hard out there
I don\'t know if I could bare
but, the man upstairs
will surely be there


Submission date : 2007-01-05

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Latest comments

Caprisha at 2007-01-05

This is a very good poem and I can relate this poem to some things that I go through at school. Sometimes I feel like life is hard. So I really agree.