Pregnant and Alone!

by Lippy1

Pregnant and alone I'm really scared I told my man but he didn't care. He left me the next day. I don't know what to do. I'm pregnant and alone. I can't help but to cry. I'm scared. I have know where to go what should I do. I've cried for days now. I'm 15 and alone. Now I don't know if I should keep it or not. I've lost my love now why should I. He got me pregnant and now I'm scared. I have nothing to live for. I'm pregnant and alone!

I wrote this when I was three months pregnant. I lost my baby two weeks after I wrote this poem. My sister and I was pregnant at this time. I was three months she was seven to eight months. I know what it is like now to be pregnant and scared. I will never be as stupid as I was this time I am smart and think twice before I do.


Submission date : 2004-04-28
Last edit : 2006-02-13

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Latest comments

Amanda *Lil Angel* at 2004-05-05

hey, dont worry, i'm only 15 tooand i'm pregnant also. i know how u feel and kno hat u r goig through, i kno ur scared but dont worry, the first thng u have to do is tell ur mom if you didnt already, i kno she might say things that might hurt u, but she has to kno.

you are not alone, if u wanna talk to someone i am willing to talk to u, i kno u dont kno me but since i kno what you are going through i would be great if we could talk.
my email:
ceen name: forevaseet05

hope to hear from you!!!

Sam at 2004-07-23

i like this poem and im really sorry that u lost ur baby!