by Brittney

I've made mistakes before,
Many, many mistakes
I may not have realized it then,
But now I know the bad I've done

I've lost my family,
To death
And friends,
From moving and fighting

I've tried to fix my life,
Undo my wrongs,
But I've known for a long time,
I can't undo what I've already done

Everyone makes mistakes,
How else would we learn?
Now its time to look forward,
Not back at what's already done

Lets all look forward,
Up to the future,
Look at what you're doing today,
Think about your tomorrow

Forgive and forget
As the saying goes
Don't hang onto the past,
Pay attention to what's around you today

Look at your surroundings,
Think about what you're doing
Don't be afraid to make mistakes,
No one's perfect

Remember you still have friends,
Family and friends
No matter where life takes you,
They will be with you forever


Submission date : 2007-09-09
Last edit : 2007-09-09

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BabyGurl ( F P C D ) at 2007-09-09

Very very good.
keep it up