The Struggling Mother

by Cecilia

Unselfish love every day
It only grows, it never fades.
Happy to see her offspring smile,
Even when it feels like she's ran 20 miles.
How she does it? I do not know.
But she loves them to death - for this she knows.

Another headache, another tear.
She just wants someone to hold her near.
She doubts the future and her success
And swears that her life is just a mess.
How she does it? I do not know.
She deserves better - this I know.

Keep on fighting 'til the end
Even though you may break, and even bend.
Look forward to a brighter day...
One that will temporarily wash those sorrows away.
Stay strong and you will see,
A better life is meant to be.

Always remember that someone admires you...
And acknowledges everything that you've been through.


Submission date : 2007-09-19

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Latest comments

Ivelisse Perez at 2012-03-07

I love your poem so much. Thank you for it!!

Dawn at 2013-05-11

This made me cry, it's so very true, and was read at a very poignant time. Thank you