Conflict of the heart and mind

by Suzanne

I want to love him, I want to care
But my mind keeps telling me he'll never be there
But my heart is saying, he'll always be true
What can I do? I fell in love with you

My mind goes left, but my heart goes right
Its just two emotions locked in a fight
Locked in a battle of love and pride
Is this what happens when love and hate collide?

He's lied to me once, will he do it again?
No, says my heart, he'll be true to the end
My heart is convinced that this boy is not fake
But my mind disagrees, thereâs too much at stake

Ill give it a go, ill give him a try
But what will you do if he leaves you to cry?
I guess it will hurt, but my heart will move on
But my mind will remember, my heart was still wrong


Submission date : 2007-03-16

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