Misc. Poems

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  • Peregrine bird

    by ddavidd

    My heart is a
    magic peregrine bird...

  • Inherited. (1) 1

    by Poet on the Piano

    I couldn't handle it this morning.
    Correction - I couldn't handle her...

  • The War (1) 1

    by ddavidd

    From the futile war
    remains tons of mutilated hearts...

  • Real Meaning (2) 2

    by ddavidd

    These roads are eloquent
    in every inarticulate turn...

  • Concealed

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    Behind a smile...

  • Touching Every Stone 1

    by ddavidd

    I do not look at my watch to see time
    I look at the hands...

  • The Falling (2) 3

    by Star

    For now;
    she clashes with everyday life...

  • Crumbling

    by Em (marmite)

    I may be as weak as they come,
    crumbling at times, inside...

  • Plugged Into The Moon (1) 1

    by Michael Potter

    Am plugged into the moon
    How this happened is really rather strange...

  • Nothing

    by Michael Potter

    When you live a life of nothing
    Nothing to dream about...

  • I'm not the problem.. (3) 3

    by Em (marmite)

    So often
    I've been made to feel no good...

  • Blacksmith 1

    by Blake

    Like hammer and tongs
    The ring of iron songs...