Misc. Poems

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  • Listerine

    by Aegis

    She is a frosty breath of air
    on a crisp winter...

  • Her eyes are
    stained glass windows...

  • If 3

    by nourayasmine

    You're an eagle, and
    it's not your fault...

  • Alchemy 1

    by Yakari Gabriel

    I’d like to think
    I can write myself into a new life...

  • A Moment in Passing 2

    by Maple Tree

    Goodnight my beloved sunrise
    gather silk fingers from gloves...

  • Inspiration (1) 1

    by Tanya Southey

    Sometimes inspiration
    comes in a bolt...

  • Submissive. (1) 3

    by Poet on the Piano

    It's quiet here with you
    when the world outside, and in my mind...

  • God of Carnage (2) 6 WIN

    by hiraeth

    we carry the hurt in our hearts,
    swallowing it every time our...

  • Violin and Busker 3

    by [M(/)U]

    In darkness quivering stark and cold,
    you rise to walk with blackened soles...

  • Thank You Father 1

    by William Lowe Jr

    As I close my eyes,
    & I start to pray...

  • Seconds (2) 1

    by Chatterbox909 Sphynx

    Every second
    I am born into the world...

  • Foetus

    by [M(/)U]

    In water and echoes,
    I swim and swallow...