Popular Misc. Poems

  • Breath-taking audio books give me the
    Opportunity to postpone my...

  • Adagio (5) 5

    by Jane Do-Re-Mi

    Wistful symphony echoes
    o'er silver tears and...

  • Today, tears are shed at
    Obituaries orated aloud but...

Latest Misc. Poems

  • Medicine. (1) 3

    by Poet on the Piano

    I can't fall asleep if you're
    not at ease, steady in my arms...

  • Tank Tour (2) 3

    by Kayla Green

    Hi MTV welcome to my crib
    There’s my water filtration system...

  • My heart's set on fire
    I just have to cross that bridge...

Misc. Quotes

  • A writer not only writes what the writer feels but the writer can also feel what the writer writes

  • Being in love is like playing with fire you always get burned

    by TheMask
  • Must keep my eyes open, can't fall asleep yet, I'm widely wake, but for how long?