A Poem about Mahatma Gandhi

by Varus

A freedom fighter like no other,
Gandhi embraced all like his brother.
Status, colour and religion,
These mattered to him barely a smidgen.
Peace through non-violence was his cause,
Peace he achieved though breaking no laws.
One aim in life, for equality,
In this effort, he lost all of his little frivolity.
The man was defined by sheer determination,
To bring about liberation.
He roused and inspired the Indian population,
Those patriotic feelings of this great nation.
Finally he saw the making of the independence,
Only the beginning of Indiaâs ascendance.


Submission date : 2007-10-02

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Latest comments

Mack Bopape ( C ) at 2007-10-12

Our freedom fighters do really deserve to be hounered. they should remembered and be given the respect they deserve.

nice poem!