What Do I Do

by Phoebe   Feb 12, 2008

The dawn has just broken,
and I'm still awake from the night before,
My hearts aching, eyes stinging,
Because of feelings I cant ignore.

You're beyond listening to me,
You see satisfaction in my tears,
Daddy doesnt know what to think anymore,
He hasnt known me, all these years.

You ask me to tell you how I feel,
and then shout at me when I do,
Now I'm trapped in my self-destruction,
Because I just cant seem to please you.

Please tell me what I need to do,
To fix this mess between us,
I thought I could tell you everything,
and that in you, I could always trust.

You've let me down, and left me hanging,
and now I see just how broken we are,
It's the same argument every day,
and we're so close, and yet so far.


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