Popular Sad Poems

  • New Year (Form - Senryu) (5) 4

    by Augustus Black

    Every new year we
    plant a golden tree of hope...

  • . (8) 8 HM

    by Mr. Darcy

    another headline
    tumbles across a mass grave...

  • Mending The Tide (2) 5

    by Chris

    I once gave you the tools to shatter my own heart,
    I forced your hand and made us fall apart...

Latest Sad Poems

  • Echoes of Struggle 1

    by Meriem Otman

    Do you know the feeling of swimming against the...
    It's painful when everyone thinks you're out of...

  • Lost in Reflection 3

    by Meriem Otman

    I lose sleep, wondering what might have been,
    What will be, and what should have been...

  • Nothing left to fight for. 1

    by Poet on the Piano

    There’s no point in getting up
    Just stay in bed, no one wants you anyway...

Sad Quotes

  • The saddest tears are the driest ones seen in the bravest smile.

  • Don't tell one who writes of grief to rethink their "I" statements. When you know they had tears on their hands as they wrote, don't say the poem could be better. You might as well say their grief could be worse.

  • If someone shares a poem with you that is meant to help close an open wound, they don't want your opinion. They want your hand on their shoulder, gripping it tight.