Other Sad Poems

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  • Lesson to learn? (1) 1

    by shadows of saber

    They say within each tear there is a lesson.
    But lessons only can be learned with a better...

  • Anaesthesia

    by Cantchangeme

    We made the antidote for suffering
    And we choked the pills down yesterday...

  • On my own

    by Alchie

    I am good on my own.
    I do great things by myself, as I have done and...

  • Could Have Been Great

    by Lost Shadow

    Could have been so many great things
    Instead you chose to be a monster...

  • Bemoaning 1

    by BOB GALLO

    All the next puppies are going to be
    as adorable as the one you lost...

  • Arachnophobia

    by Melatonin Maniac

    Your mouth, though the smile is pretty and kind,
    Spins nothing but webs of possible lies...

  • Pray For Peace

    by Some Random Human

    Lost in this fear, and I hate how it feels,
    nothing compares, when the truth, it reveals...

  • The merciful end

    by safachan

    And so it begins
    The final chapter, the last of my sins...

  • Dead Again

    by safachan

    Born from pain
    Drenched in blood...

  • Neurodivergent 2 WIN

    by schmetterling

    It is hard
    to put into words...

  • To Be Determined

    by Lexie Lou

    I constantly feel as though I’m fading..
    Just floating in these waters, waiting...

  • Ended

    by sammiej

    But hey hey hey...