Other Sad Poems

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  • The Wheat Field 1

    by Maple Tree

    Navy eyes; dripping
    fatal melancholy tears...

  • Mute (2) 1

    by Jemia de Blondeville

    My life as a recluse
    serves little use...

  • The Category is Horror (1) 1

    by nourayasmine

    Come here.
    Get used to watching...

  • Musical freedom

    by Courtney Hough

    I turn on my music,
    And I start to breath...

  • Sticks and Stones (2) 2

    by Mimi

    Sticks and stones may break my bones
    But words cut deeper through me...

  • Thoughts Alone

    by McKenzie Pratt

    I don’t understand why I am this way
    My world is monochromatic...

  • Celebrations (2)

    by Walter

    I don't think you should drive
    And I begged for you to stay...

  • I'm Done

    by Adelina Darllen

    I'm sorry for thinking
    That I could trust you...

  • Tea and Coffee (8) 8

    by Maple Tree

    I've given up,
    twisted tween rock formations...

  • Consequence 1

    by Walter

    Whatever you do just take time to heal
    Just please don't react to what you now feel...

  • Hang In There (1) 5

    by Maple Tree

    I've been strangulated
    within your heredity...

  • Devilish