Other Sad Poems

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  • Alarm Bells - Senryu (2) 1

    by Walter

    I hardly hear you
    Like a clock you are silent...

  • Night is my safe haven 1

    by Sofie1991

    I have seen a lot of sunsets
    I have seen too many sunrises...

  • Bedazzled are the stars that wink at me,
    While dancing under twilight chandeliers...

  • sad

    by Djuma Meshack

    sad face will never rich their dreams unless it...

  • Making a Hard Decision

    by xoxShorteexox

    I had to make a difficult decision to let you live...
    in the hospital, I had to be the one to choose...

  • Home

    by Some Random Human

    If it's gotta get worse before it gets better,
    well, you know I'm due improvement...

  • Worst Feeling 1

    by Mahesh Kachare

    It's very hard to hear
    To you, your family bear...

  • Don’t (4) 2

    by Guilty By Design

    Oh memory, stop playing games with me
    What I know now is simply what has been...

  • Symbol for Love (2) 1

    by Walter

    Life is made with shapes
    You see them everywhere...

  • Find Me... (1) 2

    by Matt Carroll

    Find me in summer near the campfire, marveling the...
    Find me in the winter, fondly reminiscing past...

  • Nightmares 1

    by Some Random Human

    Twisted and tortured,
    I'm triggered by silence...

  • Tears Should Stop At Forty (8) 7

    by Ben Pickard

    Lifted, turned upside down,
    shaken and hollowed out...