Other Sad Poems

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  • Is it crying with out tears?
    Does it count with out the waterfall...

  • Sorry, I'm Not Sorry

    by BEJohnson

    You can’t choose your family.
    You have to learn to grow together...

  • Sinister

    by BEJohnson

    Her body aches in resistance and pain.
    Blackness coats the skin under her eyes...

  • I'm Sorry (2)

    by Some Random Human

    I don't wanna rhyme today,
    but I had to write this verse...

  • Muse

    by Ibrahim Haidar

    ‘Put pen to paper, and it will come to you!’
    A well-elaborated phrase, when you’re blue...

  • He respects my cold silence.
    Understands when I start to triple check...

  • Unloved 3

    by Kate

    There is loneliness imbedded in my lungs
    And they burn every time that I breathe...

  • Life is a in tears when you lose a friend
    like an empty path along the pine trees...

  • For Addiction #1 (1) 1

    by Koan

    In this series of poems I will tell about my...

  • Autoerotickityboo 2 2

    by cantchangeme

    Mourning the death of spiders
    In a mausoleum made of maggots...

  • Anxiety (2) 3

    by Anne Moore

    Something's in the corner crouching
    - a small child that turns its head revealing its...

  • Brainchild (5) 6 HM

    by Maple Tree

    There is an intersection
    within my imagination...