Hard days, harder nights

by Luvmeluvr   Feb 16, 2008

Hard days and harder nights
Outward cheer masks inward fights
A room full of people, but still all alone
Not a single truth of myself has been shown

Lying through smiles, laughing through tears
Never admitting my sorrows or fears
Being the pillar so loved ones don't fall
Without ever being rock solid at all

Offering solace and answers to tell
But at the expense of my own private hell
Feeling unworthy, unhappy, untrue
With manufactured sanity getting me through

Thoughts of solution that bear certain permanance
Reasons to persevere that just don't make sense
People hear but don't listen, they look but don't see
Only when my name's carved will it be about me

I try to confide in the concept of friends
No matter the severity my problem extends
I'm left with my questions, unanswered, in vain
And only more hatred, contempt and disdain

The blame is all visceral, the blame is all real
Forever it lingers, leaving no chance to heal
Festering in turmoil, confirming my frights
Creating these impossible days and unsurvivable nights


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