by Luvmeluvr   Feb 16, 2008

Sometimes I'm ok.
Sometimes I'm not.
Sometimes there is nothing wrong.
Sometimes there's a lot.
Sometimes I wish death would come.
Sometimes I'll just live.
Sometimes I've got love for all,
Sometimes there's none to give.

Some days I wake up smiling.
More often, though, I don't.
Some days I think I might just make it
Most days I think I won't.
Some days I'm fun and laughing.
But most days I just cry.
Some days I hope that I can live,
But most I hope to die.

Tomorrow is another day.
Tomorrow might be great.
Tomorrow I might be filled with love
Instead of filled with hate.
I'd like to think tomorrow
Is a bright and brand new day...
But something just prevents me
From thinking in this way.

I'm all alone in my own thoughts.
A prisoner in my head.
Knowing that I've got it all,
But wishing I were dead.
There's just no way that anyone
Could ever really know,
The twisted things that come to me,
And when and where I'll go.


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  • 11 years ago

    by Jul

    Wow ..
    so much emotion and thought put into this!!
    i love how it flows the same way all the way thru ..
    amazing job!
    keep it upp..

  • 11 years ago

    by joseph

    I really liked this poem i thought it flows really well good job 5/5