Poems About Depression

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  • Bipolar

    by Faithless Watermelon

    It isn't over again but it's cool to think we're...
    and I need to smoke a little more without demands...

  • Metanoia (1) 1

    by BEJohnson

    <the journey of changing one’s mind, heart...
    I’ve become the master of my own demise...

  • Scarred Memories (1) 2

    by Anne Moore

    The scars are fading
    After four months they are almost gone...

  • Fading (3) 5

    by Ocean Chant

    The one afraid to breathe
    Is bound to die...

  • Survival (1) 3

    by Saerelune

    You did everything right this time.
    Every morning, mindfulness...

  • Five Months Ago

    by schmetterling

    Almost five months ago,
    I nearly took my life...

  • God Give Me Wings

    by Glenn G

    The years fly by
    Like the blink of an eye...

  • Last Place (1) 1

    by Matt Carroll

    The look in my eyes is there, you're just blind to...
    The tone of my voice is clear, but you're deaf to...

  • Am I a cat 1

    by mikaylar

    I forgot which I am.
    A cat or a man...

  • I am a cat

    by mikaylar

    I forgot which I am.
    A cat or a man...

  • Painted Picture Tincture

    by Faithless Watermelon

    There's a skull tomorrow for eyes to roll up into:
    steps of null and thankless glittering memories...

  • For Good Days (1) 4

    by Mark

    When better days turn-in to better nights
    I dare not dream for seldom they appear...