Poems About Depression

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  • Crisp 1

    by nourayasmine

    I've always been the first
    to fall, and through my falling, others...

  • **Trigger warning: self harm**
    the edge of death...

  • Trepidation (2) 1

    by (Linda)

    A dull metal blade
    in between my chest bones...

  • The pendulum

    by Ricky Story

    Something’s sad
    Maybe it’s the desperate feeling for hope that...

  • In Me

    by Phil

    Spinning around yet i am standing still
    flying but i am still on the ground...

  • Prune (2) 3

    by (Linda)

    Dr. Teal’s & low effort meals
    The Christmas tree is still lit up...

  • use the force... (syntuit) (1) 2

    by Mr. Darcy

    hope gifts consciousness
    a lightsabre to fight off...

  • Losing Me 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    It breaks my weeping heart
    that somewhere along...

  • Enveloped 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    I fell off
    the slippery grid...

  • An Addiction's Memory 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    The memory of addiction is so fresh,
    I can almost taste it...

  • Nightfall Routine 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    I used to feel so free,
    staying up all through the night...

  • Rocking Chair 1

    by Baby Rainbow

    Sometimes when I am trapped in my own thoughts,
    I forget to remember what keeps me...