Poems About Depression

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  • The weight of the night (1) 2

    by Anne Winning

    The weight of the night
    The weight of the night presses on me...

  • hurting

    by Acacia

    i've never felt more empty
    more numb...

  • wrong

    by Acacia

    there's something wrong inside me
    and i can't quite figure out...

  • The Fall 2

    by Synful

    The wind swirls around me,
    Leaves raining down while the cyclone whispers...

  • every night ends similarly:
    me, confronted with reality...

  • There's Not A Person Alive

    by David N Donihue

    By David N. Donihue...

  • Unveiling the Storm

    by Jenavia L G

    In the depths of despair, where darkness prevails,
    I find solace in tears, where pain never fails...

  • the conflicted self.

    by Poet on the Piano

    spending evenings in the cold,
    preparing to survive what could be...

  • Who I Used to Be (2) 1

    by Nikkicola

    I’m sorry for the person I used to be.
    For turning into something I couldn’t believe...

  • Is it despair, perhaps? (3) 3

    by celine catangui

    Is there still time for a fresh start?
    What's driving this downward spiral...

  • Smile (1) 1

    by Luke Hatfield

    A sight I hoped I’d never see...

  • darkness (1) 1

    by Nil

    I can see the darkness in your eyes
    Reminiscent of the decay and sorrow...