Poems About Depression

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  • Bedroom (Senryu) (1) 1

    by Jamie (Lia)

    Time bombs explode at
    nine- I exhale praying breaths...

  • Abyss of Anxiety (2) 3

    by Cainer

    Far from home
    so alone...

  • Silently Suffering (2) 2

    by Walter

    She has given up and lost the will
    Keeps climbing up an endless hill...

  • Cartoon reruns of the distant past create
    etched glass sculptures of enlightenment...

  • Cravings

    by Brookie

    Eerie memories
    move though depression...

  • Some
    days I'm...

  • Beating Depression (2) 2

    by Glenn Gay

    Lately I have been sad
    My ink seemed to be dry...

  • F0rever (2) 2

    by Brookie

    i dont write poems anymore
    and the friends i had made...

  • falling pills (1) 1

    by Alice rider

    I thought i was getting better
    I thought every thing was OK but its just bitter...

  • Ouchies (1) 2

    by schmetterling

    My little sister
    looked at my thighs...

  • Mental Illness Part 2 (1) 1

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    I know that's not the answer
    But it's all I've ever known...

  • Mental Illness Part 1 (1) 1

    by .k.u.s.h.q.u.e.e.n.c.j.

    If you see me in the shadows
    Out walking by myself...