When you left me

by myrissa   Feb 23, 2008

The day they told me
that you left us
was the day i broke down
no, you didnt die you just left us
you left me droping
to sink in my despair
you left me cying
turning to a shadow that was never there
you think im strong
oh, how you were wrong
you think i wont cry
only for you i try
but now im screaming
when she told me we wont be able to see you anymore
i felt myselft go numb straight to my core
i would not cry
but this just isent fair
at school i hide my feelings
holding in so no one will ask
i dont want them telling me its ok
because they dont know how it feels
you left me...mom
why didnt you try
didnt you realize that i would cry
no not just my mom, my family
you left me in a pool
oh, how dark it is, I try to reach the surface
byt i cant see through my tears of darkness
maybe im just to damn usless
then i promised to myself that i wouldnt let you hurt me anymore
im tired of waiting
so excited to see you
well you know what?
screw you, i hate you!
its all your falt i dont need you
ill just be alone
why though? you should have tried harder
im not strong i never was
you told them i was
you said i could handle anything
well you were wrong
im anything but strong
i will cry when they take me
dont say that i wont
i will feel pain hen they take you
dont say she is the strongest
i will scream when we cant see you
dont say just a little longer
you say i will get stronger
oh i tried , you kept me up
you kept me going a little more
every time i saw you i did become stronger
but that day they told me
told me that you let go
mom..i lost all that strength
do you think it wouldnt affect me
im so weak now, im crying now
now that you dont want us
now that you cant have us
now that they wont let us see you anymore
now that you left us
im sinking , falling , crying
to tired of trying
to weak to fight
to think anything right
i cant reach the surface
i cant breath , each second
each minute, hour , im sufficating
my heart cant hold on anymore
im sorry its to dark
i think i'll just let go
im going numb
falling , sinking lower
my heart getting colder
my feelings less bolder
my excistance disappearing
my thought vanishing
this is an end to my feelings
an end to my wishes, wants, and needs
cause i dont care no more
dont make me cry , please
cause im not gonna try anymore
you let me go
now im letting you go


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  • 9 years ago

    by hadia

    Thats long, and sad.
    but a good poem.