Poems About Grieving And Loss

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  • Starry Night 1

    by Love

    The artwork of extreme sadness,
    Isn't about the overcoming of despair...

  • For so long I’ve wondered,
    And pondered the thought...

  • Grandma Gone

    by ddavidd

    I‘ve never seen roads
    this tearful...

  • The Ribbon Of Solidarity (2) 1

    by Muhammad Amiruddeen

    A string formed around the globe,
    Connecting the masses in unity...

  • The Anniversary of Pain (4) 1

    by BOB GALLO

    My father's anniversary:
    ((there was a swan pond in our way to the hospital...

  • Wolf

    by Dreamsurfer

    The Devil walks around like a wolf,
    Looking for whom to steal, kill and destroy...

  • No longer looking for you (2) 2

    by the warrior

    I still hear a pitter patter and think of you
    But I no longer look for you...

  • Tales of Woe

    by Vanessa

    These tales sorrowful pain and woe delicately...
    In this forsaken peyton's place far from the...

  • Baby Girl (2) 2

    by Skyfire

    I feel your loss
    like two rivers...

  • fridge (2) 1

    by tobias kinti

    they called
    and asked...

  • No more alone, no more me,
    no more endless walls, fences...

  • Innocence was murdered (3) 5

    by Spontaneity

    Innocence was murdered today.
    They slaughtered her like a pig...