Poems About Grieving And Loss

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  • What if

    by Guilty By Design

    What if I regret it
    Down the line...

  • Brother.

    by Guilty By Design

    Three years since you passed
    Time hasn’t made a difference...

  • It feels like it's been,
    a blink of the eye...

  • These righteous roots can never again lie
    Nor rest beneath the bowers and cry...

  • Bodily Function 2

    by nourayasmine

    You’d never tell
    how capable of grieving...

  • Lovely Grief 1

    by Anya

    What is the grief that we have yet to know?
    For there will come a day when our mothers will...

  • Chaos (1) 1

    by KELLiE SHEA

    Succumbed by all the little things,
    my heart fills up and breaks to release...

  • Goodbye

    by KELLiE SHEA

    My breathings heavy,
    My tears run dry...

  • Beauty and the Bipolar (5) 5 WIN

    by nourayasmine

    I’m writing again, which translates...

  • Miscarriage Poem (3) 1

    by Abstract Poet

    On July 31st my niece was having
    Contractions in her stomach she felt...

  • Help!

    by Katrynn

    Even though you can't see it I'm

  • You

    by Katrynn

    When you left
    I never thought...