The Test

by Phoebe   Feb 23, 2008

A nervous twitch, a sneaky glance,
Those whispered words, it's my last chance,
I'll grab your hand and squeeze it tight,
I'll hide myself from you tonight.
You're fading away, far too quick,
The atmosphere makes me feel sick,
Don't want to spend these nights alone,
You bend and break my brittle bones.
I need your help to save myself,
I don't want to be the doll on your shelf.

Your words are cold, my ears don't hear,
I'm deaf to you, whenever you're near.
My eyes are blind, I refuse to see,
You say you love me, and I disagree.
I know what you want, I know what you crave,
You've thrown away the love that I gave.
Don't try to tell me wrong from right,
Against my thoughts and fears I fight.
I'll save myself if you're like the rest,
Unless you prove that you can pass the test.


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