Poems About Lost Relationships

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  • Broken (1) 2

    by Guilty By Design

    I don’t know what made us so special anymore
    The way you loved me like no one else could...

  • Still (1) 1

    by Glenn G

    A heart without love, still beats
    When ears cannot hear, there is still sound...

  • I wanna scream

    by shadows of saber

    you take and take
    As i start to break and shake...

  • I wonder 1

    by Beautiful Tragedy

    I wonder how salty your tears are gonna taste when...
    If you’re even human enough to do so...

  • The Girl I Knew

    by Some Random Human

    There were blue skies,
    not a tear in sight...

  • Royal Green WIN

    by Nikkicola

    I once wrote something in the confines of a dream.
    Writing it down now it was better then than now it...

  • Goodnight

    by Evi

    I learned the hard way that what I'd miss the most
    Are the things that I stopped to hear, not see...

  • Why 1 WIN

    by Guilty By Design

    I am happier now that you are gone
    I am not constantly on edge...

  • If Only

    by Guilty By Design

    If I could, I’d carve at my chest
    Dig deep and retract my heart...

  • Off & On

    by Guilty By Design

    Trying to move on…
    What comes after you...

  • Unaltered

    by Guilty By Design

    You might not be mine
    At least not anymore but...

  • Forget About You

    by LipsAngeL

    We don't talk anymore..
    You don't love me no more...