Money is not everything.

by VanityIllusions2   Feb 24, 2008

Life shouldn't be all about money,
or who wears designer jeans,
new phones touch Ipods,
what does it really mean?,
new or worn out runners,
it all means the same,
it's not all about possessions,
life is not a game,
just because someones house is bigger,
or have a sporty car,
just because someone has money,
doesn't change who they are,
you can't always choose,
you can't change how much your parents earn,
but money doesn't mean everything,
when will people learn?,
someone poor could be great,
a rich person can fail,
with a little hard work and faith,
the poor person will prevail.


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  • 9 years ago

    by william kamore

    Your poem is real coz most people say that:i wanna be successful but think of it in terms of money, which of course is not always true.then i thought about life and its deep hidden mysteries, money is the least value that one can secure him/herslf around with coz it all amounts to nothing in the end, its vanity of vanity.right?