Missed My Chance

by Kim   Mar 6, 2008

I was waiting for the perfect time,
A moment when it was only you and I,
But when that moment was finally mine,
I didn't say a thing, too shy.

I thought you would laugh at me,
Thought you wouldn't care,
Thought you'd walk away, freaked out,
Thought you'd just leave me standing there.

I was stupid to have not told you,
When the opportunity arose,
Just looking at you in front of me,
I got too scared, I froze.

You knew there was something on my mind,
You said to tell you what was wrong,
But I guess I can keep it for a little longer,
Because I guess I have kept it for this long.

You said I could trust you,
Told me you'd always be there as we danced,
That would have been another perfect moment,
But, yet again I missed my chance.

There's always another time,
But I can't do it, that's what I hate,
Now I don't think I can ever tell you,
As to tell you now would be too late.

So when you pull me close and say you love me,
Drunk, with a smile you can't hide,
Just think of how much this will hurt me,
Because I love you too, deep inside.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by Hidden1

    I like this poem as well. I can feel the emotions from the beginning to the end. I can also relate to every part of this poem. Well written and I loved the words you used. Keep up the good work:)

  • 10 years ago

    by shantavia

    Omg this poem is so deep i love it so much it brings back memebers great job