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I just want to be love in return and give all the love I have inside away. But to do so I risk losing it all. Is love really worth it, can I be totally happy without it? I wish I knew how to cut my feelings off and on like Men do. Oh well I guess this is why I write to express what words will never be said out loud.

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  • I now know what a ghost feels like.
    Empty, dead, and lost...

  • I never knew love like this before you.
    It took my heart breaking before I realized how...

  • Before I fell in love with you, I trusted you.
    I trusted that you would love me through my pain...

  • The berth of our love started at hello.
    Time had passed, but love was unknowingly knocking...

  • Not knowing how to swim, I'll drown from being in...
    Unable to take the pain, I'll end my life to...

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