I want you to know

by Angel Eyes   Mar 16, 2008

If I die today...
I want you to know...
you were the best friend that i can every ask for
you were always there for me when i needed a friend
you were there for me when i didn't want a friend
you always tried to cheer me up
we always had crazy fun together.

If I die today...
You need to know...
I love you
Your my sister from another mother
I don't want you to give up
I need you to live on
always try your hardest in life
and make something of it.

If I die today...
just know...
I will always love you
and I'm always here for you
so when you need to talk
call my name
ill come running.

If I die today...
i want you to know...
You made me very proud,
to call you my
sister from another mother.

If I die today...
I ask for one thing...
look at my death
not as a misfortune
as a new start
a better life for me.



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