Leaving the nest.

by BreakEven   Mar 31, 2008

Long ago you were innocent and young
and to your family you never clung.
now that you're all grown
you feel as if you're a clone
for you're forced to follow in your parents steps
and inherit all of their rep's.
they tell what to do and where to go;
never giving you space to grow.
you long to scream and dance
party or prance
as you please
in the mist of a morning breeze.
they plan every little thing you do
making all you choices untrue
to who you really were
and causing your mind to blur
and stir into nothingness
from there you are nothing more nor nothing less
than what your parents have made you
being dependent is what you value
since you've never been out on your own
you try to go but you can't; you've never flown
or left the nest
but you must go it is your quest
to live life to the fullest is your dream
and to the world you want to scream
and shout so you tell your father
but he tells you to leave and stop being a bother
you confide your secret in your mother
but you don't get much further
she says your only imagining things
and that you'll never fly because you don't have wings
they crushed your dreams and you loose your will
you hide in your closet, silent and still
your soul is torn down
and in sadness you have drown.
it took all your courage just to tell them the truth
that you always wanted to leave even in your youth
and now that you have they won't look you in the face
so you take life slowly its not a race.
you isolate yourself to get some space
then one day you leave without a trace
off into the world
a young thirteen-year-old girl
leaving your parents wasn't where your life ended
it where it began although your parents were offended.


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