by nicole   Apr 4, 2008

Whispered on the wind lulled by time and space controlled by pure desire
Thought a waste

Strangely unquestioned silently known through filtered light conscience enthroned
Told youth was dominant but they ignored

Silent footsteps ticking clocks creaking floorboards, squeaky locks
Rusty hinges plush carpeted floors love forbidden secretly endured

Two lives so desperately intertwined hidden history within the mind
Depth of longing striving for a way to be together through forbidden days

Wilted flowers behind the door hidden treasures beneath the floor
Hanging photos on the wall covered by dust one and all
White- Spanish lace upon the bedpost haunting like a vivid ghost

Dry rose petals on the floor, sheets of music have all been torn
The lyrics pieced in rhythmic lines full of passion with one design


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