Show Me You Care

by Megan   Apr 7, 2008

What are we doing
Just waiting around
I can't get over
The sweet old sound
That once made my heart thump
now trembling with pain
I want to give up
but then I remember all the things
Things that made me love you
Maybe just as a friend
but I can't stop thinking about you
I can't just give in

Sometimes I want to die
just to see what you would do
maybe to see that you still care
but I get so confused
Because your not their
I can't pull you aside
or just talk to you
its not that easy
something I can't do

I listen to all the songs
that make me think of your name
They make me cry sometimes
remembering how we use to be
I don't want to spend my life wondering
What could of been
I write songs and poems
about you all the time
Do you do the same?
I relized as this was happening.
We are apart of each other
I don't know how
I just know that you feel it to

So how come it came to this
I'm so scared to think
What if your gone the next day
What if I die?
What if something happened
And we couldn't settle this out
I don't think I could live without you now
I've gone to far in
I would do anything
to take back
Whatever she said
I don't know what I would do
Just thinking about it makes me cry
I go to all the old spots
that we use to go to.
Spots that are special to me and you

Whats going to happen to us.
Its been a year.
Baby if you love me.
Show me you care.


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