What I Want

by Luvmeluvr   Apr 10, 2008

It's tearing me up
It's wearing me down
It's making me broken
It's making me drown

The people I love
I push them away
Don't care what they think
Don't care what they say

I'm in my own world
I'm in my own head
I know I'm imperfect
I want to be dead

I want to be loved
I want to be missed
I want to be hugged
I want to be kissed

I want to be wanted
I want NOT to die
But it's all I can think of
And sit here and cry

I want just to want
To want just to live
I want to be happy
I want love to give

I want to see life
And think wow this is great
I want to live more
Than just heartache and hate

But mostly I want
Just a happier me
I want to be giddy
I want to be free

I want to live life
Like the beauty I see
I want to live life
And see the beauty in me.


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