Broken marriage

by XxCutSoDeepxX   Apr 18, 2008

They fight all the time i get so
scared sometimes I cant take
it no more they scream they
argue over just little things

i need to get away just for a
little while they need to give
each other love not hate they
need to sort things out real soon

mum wants get away from all
this hurt from dad he is pushing
me and mum to the edge we
are sick of his crap we cant take it

their marriage is slowly breaking
down i can see it..its not gonna
last much longer mum is gonna
leave him sooner or later

mum wants to go now and so
do i..i don't want to live in the
house with the broken marriage
I'm crying every night hoping

everything gonna be OK the next
morning when i wake up but its
not the broken marriage is still
going and maybe will never end

maybe this marriage was never
meant to last forever the broken
hearts in me and mum might never
heal from this hurt we are going through

the broken marriage between mum
and dad maybe never be fixed but
i guess not all marriages last forever
like in fairy tale books or in movies.


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  • 9 years ago

    by Prasad Ramesh Baadkar

    Marriages r forever n there r turmoils n wen things seem to go out of hand... Angels like u can mediate n do wonders that u never knew..... Take ma wordz n try.. I M POSSIBLE

    U can do it.. if itz tru..

    N if itz just a poem.. Than itz a lively poem, keep writin

    (Best wishz.. 007)

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