The Dream

by DeathXinXlife   Apr 24, 2008

I feel lost within no where to run
Life is changing no more fun
Words escaping through the thoughts within
I feel changed but the change was done with sin
I wana run to escape the pain
But all the options left are all insane
My mind is racing with the thoughts of you
I wake in tears just trying to make it through
You left this compulsive need that I can not feed
This darkness within begins to rip its self out as I start to bleed
Without control I lose myself to this beast
It wants be escape to start a rampaging feast
But I contain this beast within
Not letting this beast cause any more sin
If not for me then for you I see
I need to let and let this be
You have moved on and let me go
It's taken me time but now I know
I need to move on and not look back
Start a new life with a little less slack
All the words I have said to you have meaning with no lie
And now this is me walking away and saying goodbye


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by XAlwaysXBrokenX

    I really like this poem! it was great! kepp writing your a great writer!

  • 10 years ago

    by DeathXinXlife

    Yeah when i re read it today i noticed the flow was off...thanx

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