Poems About Unexplained

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  • Mask

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Because of the Corona Virus Disease - 2019,
    Everyone is advised to wear a mask...

  • Dreamsurfing

    by Aiko (Dreamsurfer)

    Life is a Dream!
    Even Reality can originate from Imagination...

  • The Dream (2) 2

    by Johnathon

    Many sleepless nights ago
    I dreamt of a cabin covered in snow...

  • Anger rays

    by Ziad Dib Jreige

    Anger rays
    As wine, some words are so old...

  • butcher (1) 4 HM

    by tobias kinti

    i heard
    that he was...

  • Sheets after sheets I flip..
    Mixing every colour to get some shades...

  • Rest in Winter's dark,
    it's a long way 'til morning...

  • Becoming my enemy (2) 3 HM

    by Rey Severs

    Sweet as sugar, strong as spice,
    You hurt me once, I fool you twice...

  • The End of The Sun (3) 2

    by Arthur Awai

    The sun shone majestically,
    I was greeted by the morning...

  • The serpent (2) 1

    by Rey Severs

    Black tendrils slithering relentlessly...
    Wrapping throat, brain, lungs and tongue, a vice...

  • Hallucinations 2

    by Anne Moore

    Why do my eyes
    See my worst fears...

  • Cold

    by Rey Severs

    Take my hand and follow me,
    I will hurt you, hurt you, hurt you...