My Little Sister

by Sammerz   Apr 25, 2008

This is for you my little sister.
I remember when we were younger.
We were like twins.
We dressed like eachother
looked like eachother.

We were goofy and were so close.
Now that were older you have changed.
Your not that sweet little girl
that i used to know.

Wen i go to school
the guys i knor or talk to
say and talk bout how easy you are.
I hate the way you are.

How you treat others.
Its ridiculous and unnecessary.
Were so close in age yet
you the one doing all
the experimenting.

Its like i dont know who you
are or want to know.

You drink and your already
out having s.e.x
You've experimented with drugs.

Why are you taking this path.
Your destroying your life.
How could you do this
to the family.

The way you treat our mother.
Do you like causing her pain.
Do you like making her have
all the uneeded stresses.

I mean come on she has two younger children
to worry and care about.

At school your causing
trouble skipping hanging out with
the people that arent good news.
We love you cant you jus
be the way you used to be.


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Latest Comments

  • 10 years ago

    by NAmE eMiLY lOvIN hIM

    Wow great poem.......iam the youngest of 3 daughters. this poem discribes my behaiver so much.........i love it keep up the good work. :]

    p.s. tnx 4 the comment

  • 10 years ago

    by Cotton Candy Clouds

    I don't have a sister but i do have three brothers
    i have felt this way with them so many times
    i don't get why they feel like they have to cause trouble whenever they can!?
    great poem
    had amazing flow and great rhyme
    5/5 <33

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