Was Not Rape.

by Domino0792   May 5, 2008

It was a dark night,
The playground was in sight.
His hand on my back,
Never thought he would attack.

As scared as I was, I was silent.
Never would have guessed he was violent.
Blurred soon after he hit me,
He let go, I was set free.

Stumbled to a chair,
It's coldness gave me a scare.
My cheeks numb, couldn't feel tears.
It happened so fast; my worst fears.

I slept for what felt like days,
Replaying it in different ways.
Woke and saw him,
Watching me, my thoughts grim.

Did not flinch as I felt his lips,
He handed me water, took 10 sips.
He was a gentle bird,
I was thinking absurd.

It was not what you think,
Hell, you must not blink.
There is never an escape,
This was not rape.



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