In My Arms

by HeavenzEyez   May 28, 2004

In Your Arms

I have to be in your arms
My thoughts have to me in your head
My heads ringing out alarms
To tell you what needs to be said
Love me love me love me
Why can’t you see
Why can’t you feel
The same for me
My love is real
All of my smiles
Are waiting for you
And I’d walk a million miles
Just to show what they do
But you won’t appreciate
What they will mean
Those smiles may turn to hate
And you will never have seen
What has been waiting for you all these years
You will come to realize
All of my fears
When you finally look into my eyes
And see what you meant to me
And finally you will see
That I am more then to be taken for granted
I am more then ever wanted
And I know you will come to see this
And you’ll end up wanting more then a kiss
Well if my love has turned to hate
You’ll see how you had to appreciate
Me before, then take me for a fool
And you’ll see the rule
That I give out to everyone around
And it’ll pound
In your mind and ears
Until you cry with tears
And see what I wanted from you
Just your love
Wasn’t that enough
One day you’ll regret
And you’ll be court up in that net
That I am in forever
You’ll see we have to be together
We’ll mend the hate, we’ll mend the falling
And forever we’ll be calling
Out our love that we’ll declare
And forever we’ll share
Our everlasting heart
That will never be apart
From us again
And we’ll go down that lane
Away from the darkness
And into sunlight
Were everything will be alright
Were everything will last
And we’ll forget our past
Of your hate and my despair
And our love will flare
Into more then you’ll ever imagine
Take away all of our sin
And make us whole
And forever my mind and soul
Will rest in your arms
And stop ringing out those alarms


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  • 10 years ago

    by RainbowSlider

    What beautiful poetry. Thanks for sharing.