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Hi, i started wrting poetry about a year and 3 mounths ago.
It all started when i fell out with my friend and i really wanted to make it up 2 her in a diffrent way that she probably wouldn't expect, so i wrote her a poem (Poem For Claire, which is in my axccount, if you want to take a look)
I ound't beleve that i had really written a poem, because i've tried loads of times but couldn't, but this day i managed to, and since then my love for poems and writing poems has bloomed far behond my imagination, and i've written loads.

Anyway about ME!!! :
I'm 17 years old and live in Lancashire, England, with my mum dad and sister.
I am studing to be a hairdresser which i'm enjoying so much, i work in a barbers as a reseptionist, i love it there to as i work with my sister in law and other great people.

I have a boyfriend, Chris (who i have based lots of my poems on) we started going on on the 25th of febuary 2004 and are still going strong, we met at highschool (if you were wondering ;) ) i love him so much and were together most of the time, and i stay at his house a lot, which is cool.

Anyway enogh of that. Read my poems if you want, comment if you like. Seeya.


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  • I'm so small
    But i dont care
    once i wished i was tall
    but now i dont care

    17 years ago
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  • I've changed it all before
    and now i'm changing it again
    its better then i thought
    there's no mor pain

    17 years ago
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  • Dancing in moonlight
    knowing everythings right
    your touch is paradise
    you've paralized time
    making this last forver
    and forver we'll be together
    more then in love
    more then enough

    17 years ago
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